Continous earth wire

 Continous earth wire can protect the circuit. Tower is over the top of the line along the entire earth trait. The unusual circumstances created by the additional voltage discharge line to protect the soil easily.

Continous earth wire

Continous earth wire use:
Protective grounding jumper installation for two-pole and three-pole structures (grounded structures). OGW denotes overhead ground wire. OGWs must be bonded to the worksite grounding system if within reach of linemen. OGWs may be bonded to the cluster bars or to the grounded phase conductors with protective grounds.

Continous earth wire principle:
The most effective method of providing protection to transmission lines against direct lightning strokes is by use of overhead ground wires. For simplicity, one ground wire and one line conductor are shown. The ground wires are placed above the line conductors at such positions that practically all lightning strokes are intercepted by them (i. e. ground wires).

Continous earth wire is widely used. Due to their proper location, the ground wires will take up all the lightning strokes instead of allowing them to line conductors. The degree of protection provided by the ground wires depends upon the footing resistance of the tower.

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