Dead-end composite insulator

Dead-end composite insulator also called polymer deadend insulator, and the properties of this type high voltage insulators for overhead line applications are shown in the following.

Dead-end composite insulator              Dead-end composite insulator

Dead-end composite insulator properties:
Increase corrosion resistance, Increase its life span, Decrease single phase to the ground fault rate
Simple maintenance, Unbreakable, Variation in Design, Wide range of service temperatures
Good hydrophobicity performance, Good anti-fracture performance, Good quality, Good mechanical strength
Cheaper price and lower cost, highly extensible, acid-proof core rod, reliable triple labyrinth sealing ends
Hydrophobic: since the material of silicone rubber has very good hydrophobicity.
Silicone rubber material is light and makes it easy to stock, transport, assemble, and maintain for the composite insulator.

Our dead-end composite insulator range also comprises of standard Insulators, Anti Fog insulators and high voltage Insulators as per the requirement of customers. You can get more details about Orient Power deadend insulators by visit the website.

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