Dead-end composite insulators

Dead-end composite insulators like other silicone rubber composite insulator, mainly consist of polymer weathersheds, silicone rubber, fiberglass core rod and end fittings.

Dead-end composite insulator              Dead-end composite insulator

Dead-end composite insulators components and materials:
Polymer weathersheds: The proprietary formulation incorporates the inherent hydrophobicity and UV performance of silicone rubber while providing superior tracking performance as demonstrated in dry-band arcing tests.
Fiberglass core rod: boron-free, corrosion-resistant E-glass and epoxy resin
End fittings: Made of steel or ductile iron, the end-fittings are directly attached to the fiberglass core rod by a circumferential crimping process.

In addition to dead-end composite insulators, Orient Power also supplies high tension insulators and low tension porcelain insulators like pin insulators, disc insulators, post insulators, cable box, transformer bushings, anti-fog transformer bushings and shackle type insulators.

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