Dead-end insulators composite

Dead-end insulators composite are used on high voltage distribution lines of power system to hang wires. Commonly, the composite means the silicone rubber insulating material.

Dead-end insulator composite              Dead-end insulators composite

Dead-end insulators composite details:
Rated Voltage: 10-69KV
Model/models: DS-15, DS-28, DS-35, DS-46, DS-69
Standards: ANSI C29.13
Rated voltage/voltages: 15kv, 25KV, 28kv, 35kv, 46kv, 69kv
Tensile strength: 70KN, 90KN

Whole moulding and single injection process way of silicone rubber provide dead-end insulators composite better connection among sealing place. ANSI standard C29.11 sets the basic and minimum requirements for composite Insulator.

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