Dead-end insulators polymeric

Dead-end insulators polymeric show a good performance on electrical and mechanical sides. Orient Power ensures the quality and performance through the insulator testing/tests.

Dead-end insulator polymeric            Dead-end insulator polymeric

Dead-end insulators polymeric tests:
Standard ASTM G 26 Ageing tests using ultraviolet rays UV.
Tests performed acc. to the standard IEEE Sdt 1024 (extract)
The revolver shots at a distance of 10 m did not damaged the fibreglass rod, while the bullets that struck the insulators at an angle of 90° damaged the rod without impairing the good working of the insulators.
Standard IEC 507 Test for artificial pollution performance in H.V. insulators 224 kg/m³ of salt fog (very heavy pollution as for IEC 815)

The cotter key of dead-end insulator is R clip. This suspension insulators polymeric are lighter than porcelain insulators, because the fibreglass rod core and the silicone rubber housing and sheds are lighter than porcelain body.

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