Deadend insulators

Deadend insulators are composite clevis and tongue type suspension insulators. Deadend insulators are used on high voltage overhead transmission and distribution lines with voltage range of 10kv~69kv.

Deadend insulator              Deadend insulator

Specifications of Deadend insulators:
Rated Voltage: 15kv, 25KV, 28kv, 35kv, 46kv, 69kv
End fitting types: clevis and tongue, ball and eye, eye ball, clevis & tongue, socket tongue, Y-clevis tongue, Eye eye
Models: DS-15, DS-28, DS-35, DS-46, DS-69
Tensile strength: 70KN, 90KN
Raw materials: silicone rubber, casting steel, malleable iron, ECR fiberglass rod core

Initially only a small composite insulator types are mainly used on electrical poles, along with the development of science and technology, more and more composite insulator types, including composite deanend insulator, are gradually used to suspend or strain many conductors at the one end of electrical towers.

Deadend insulators are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with ANSI C29.13 and their color is gray / grey. Orient Power also can provide deadend insulators and other composite suspension insulator as per customers’ requirements.

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