Deadend & suspension insulator details

Deadend & suspension insulator is distribution insulators with good polymer design and manufacturing features. The details include Mechanical Characteristics, SML, RTL, Proof Test, End Fitting Details, etc.

Deadend & suspension insulator

Deadend & suspension insulator details:
PDI Mechanical Characteristics:
0.625" (16mm) Diameter Rod Deadend Insulators
RUS Accepted
NOTE: PDI Type insulators are intended for applications which are within 75° of horizontal to allow proper shed drainage.

VLS Mechanical Characteristics:
0.625" (16mm) Diameter Rod Suspension Insulators
VLS insulators are available with ANSI and IEC ball/socket end fittings and also with clevis/tongue end fittings.

SML — Specified Mechanical Load is the tension load that a Orient insulator can withstand during a 90-second test without failure. SML is comparable to the M&E strength rating of porcelain insulators.
RTL — A Routine Test Load value is equal to 50% of the SML value.
Proof Test — the mechanical tension load applied at the factory to each insulator for ten (10) seconds.

Deadend & suspension insulator End Fitting Details (Inches):
PDI Clevis
PDI Tongue
VLS Clevis
VLS Tongue
VLS Ball ANSI 52-3 & IEC-16 mm
VLS Socket ANSI 52-3 & IEC-16 mm
VLS Y-Clevis
Clevis Pin

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