Disc insulator hardware fittings

Disc insulator hardware fittings are made up of porcelain unit, iron cap, steel pin. It generally used for connecting different series string, in a variety of voltage levels and in different regions of the line. So, according to requirements disc insulator hardware fittings can be divided into two kinds of connections ball or groove connection,

Disc insulator hardware fittings

Ball socket connection structure has some characteristic such as :
◆ rotatable,
◆ no direction
◆ easy handling
◆ replaced with charged

Therefore, the high-voltage and extra high voltage lines are commonly used ball socket structure.

Groove connection Structure, linking fittings is relatively simple. But it is not convince to operate with charged. In our country, it is generally used at a lower voltage level.

In order to ensure the operation of the insulator string will not be detached from other insulator, each insulator are fitted with locking. Among the ball socket connection, locking pin will lock closely.


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