Disc suspension insulator

Disc suspension insulator means the porcelain suspension insulator because its shape is just like a disc. Disc suspension insulators are used on high voltage distribution and transmission lines upto 1000kv.

Disc suspension insulator              Disc insulator

Advantages of suspension insulator:
Disc suspension insulator can form a long insulator string to meet the system voltage
Applied for EHV, UHV and HVDC transmission lines
Available for any voltage and contamination level by careful selection and design
Available with semiconducting glaze for even better contamination and TVI/RI performance
High reliability through accumulated technology and excellent long-term performance

There are many suspension insulator manufacturers all over the world, in addition to Orient porcelain disc suspension insulator, you can also hear of hubbell suspension insulator, lapp suspension insulator and so on.

Orient disc suspension insulator includes ordinary suspension type insulator and anti-pollution suspension insulator. These disc insulators are designed and manufactured to give unparalleled performance and reliability in the field and millions of our suspension insulators continue to perform successfully in more than 30 countries around the world.

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