Disc suspension porcelain insulator

Disc suspension porcelain insulator set complete with the fittings is used to carry a line conductor or conductors at its lower end and used by strings according to system voltage to hang conductors.

Disc suspension porcelain insulator              Disc suspension porcelain insulator

Disc suspension porcelain insulator properties:
Aero dynamic type for desert contamination
Large potential difference from iron
Purity of zinc >- 99.8% to prevent granular corrosion
Routine hydraulic pressure test developed by ORIENT - Effective elimination of manufacturing defects
End fittings in accordance with IEC 60120, IEC 60471 and DIN 48006

As standards specify minimum requirements only, all ORIENT porcelain suspension insulators have been confirmed to pass modified T&M test. Orient Disc suspension porcelain insulator has a fine resiliant bitumen coating on the inside cap and the surface of the ball pin with cement to absorb stresses from thermal expansion.

The Orient Power Disc suspension porcelain insulator relative permeability is very low, because we adopt the high quality aluminum oxide porcelain, either C-130 (IEC 60672) or C-120 as per customer's request.

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