Porcelain disc suspension insulator,Disc type porcelain insulators

Disc type porcelain insulators are mainly used on high-voltage overhead transmission and distribution lines to support and insulate conductors. The normal porcelain disc suspension insulator includes standard type and large creepage distance type insulators. These insulators are widely used in clean areas and light pollution areas.

Disc type porcelain insulator                   porcelain disc suspension insulator

Disc type porcelain insulators technical:
Disc type porcelain insulators have high dielectric strength, anti-fouling ability, not damaged, longer life characteristics. Porcelain disc insulator is a technical solution: the disc type porcelain insulator including porcelain insulators have high strength and insulating rubber insulation strength, eliminating the gap discharge, anti-fouling capacity enhancement reduce pollution flashover in the transportation, installation or external damage due to high strength insulating rubber layer protection, effectively prevent damage to the insulator, thereby extending the life of insulators, power lines to ensure the normal power supply.

Special bell jar type insulator usually is anti-pollution porcelain suspension insulator, which can be used in heavy pollution areas. The anti-pollution insulators follow ANSI, IEC, BS standards and so on.

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