Distribution composite suspension insulator

As a leader suspension insulator manufacturer, Orient produces both high quality and competitive price distribution composite suspension insulator for providing your better choices.

How to choose distribution composite suspension insulator?
For Orient distribution composite suspension insulator, the equivalent measure is the specified mechanical load (SML). The SML test is a 90-second tension withstand test at the SML value. Distribution composite suspension insulators are available in strength ratings equal to or exceeding porcelain suspension insulator M & E strengths.

Distribution composite suspension insulator

Typically, a porcelain suspension insulator is proof tested at 50 percent of its M & E value. Orient Power distribution composite suspension insulators are proof tested at a value of 50 percent of the SML. This routine test load (RTL) is performed on every Orient suspension insulator.

Therefore, in selecting the proper strength Orient suspension insulator, consider only the composite polymer M & E rating which was previously used and select a Orient suspension insulator with an SML equal to or greater than this M & E value.

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