Electric insulators

We can produce all kinds of electric insulators: composite polymer insulator, ceramic porcelain insulator, glass insulator, and so on.

Electric insulator            Electric insulators

Electric insulators specifications:
Main material: porcelain, glass, silicone rubber
ISO9001, IEC certification
Safe usage and favorable

We can produce all kinds of electric insulators: composite polymer insulators, composite post insulators, composite pin insulators, composite crossarm insulators, under- suspension composite insulators; ceramic composite insulators, ceramic post insulators, ceramic pin insulators, porcelain crossarm insulators, suspension type porcelain insulators, cable type porcelain insulators; anti pollution type suspension insulators, bell-type suspension insulators, straw hat type suspension insulators, electric fence insulators, glass insulators, tempered glass insulators, thermal insulators, bus bar insulators etc.

Orient Power sincerely hopes our electric insulators can service more and more clients from all over the world, so, if you are interested in our electric insulators, please don't hesitate to contact us. Orient also accepts ODM and OEM orders! Looking forward to your reply!

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