Electrical hardware

Electrical hardware is one kind of metal accessory make up of iron or aluminum which use widely in the circuit. Electrical hardware need to bear large pulling force in the process of running.

Electrical hardware

Electrical hardware types:
Suspension clamp: Top clamp for post insulator, suspension clamp and so on.
Strain clamp: Compression type, Explosive compression type, X-bolted type, Bolted type, Straight line type and so on.
Link fittings: Ball eye, Ball clevis, U type ball clevis, Socket tongue, Socket thimble, Anchor shackle, Vee shackle, Hinge to tower, Clevis eye, Twisted strap, Clevis tongues, Yoke plates and so on.
Splicing fittings: Splicing sleeve, Repair sleeve, Aluminum alloy parallel groove clamp, Copper wire clamp.
Protction fittings: Preformed armour rod, Stockbridge vibration damper, Twin spacer and so on.
Guy wire fittings: Clamp, Straps, Bow stay rod and so on.
Grounding fittings: Grounding clamp, Grounding rod.
Insulator fittings: Insulator pin, Side tie, Guy attachment, Stay rod and so on.

Electrical hardware played an important role in the transmission and distribution system. Electrical hardware is an indispensable part of the transmission and distribution lines.

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