Electrical insulator manufacturer

Generally, electrical insulator manufacturer have own works, some advanced Testing Facilities, professional Sales & Marketing, and quality of After Sales Service, which make it be a professional electrical company.

Electrical insulator manufacturer Works:
The factory is equipped with modern machinery for fabrication and assembly, specialized electrostatic powder coating facility and in-house test setup.
Advanced production techniques enable us to ensure uniform quality and durability of Orient products.
We have state of the art injection molding machines from Desma-Germany for moulding of silicon rubber range of products.
Our press shop is equipped with state of the art range of hydraulic machinery from 10 to 80 tons for various operations which are required during manufacturing processes

Electrical insulator

Electrical insulator manufacturer Testing Facilities:
Vigorous testing is done to ensure the quality and sustainability of each product.
All the testing that is performed is done as per various national and international standards for ensuring compliance to basic safety norms.”
State of the art facilities and a range of tests using calibrated equipment are used to test the products and the results are tabulated and compared to acceptable limits.
Functional tests are performed where possible to determine the correct operation and life expectancy of the product.
Complete equipment is available for in-house routine testing for Silicone Rubber range of HT Products

Electrical insulator manufacturer Sales & Marketing:
We have a full-fledged professionally qualified sales team. Our engineers are assisted by the design and estimation staff to ensure prompt response to tenders and other enquires.
Our sales department deals with the business within the country, whereas our network agents conduct commercial activity in the Middle East countries.

Electrical insulator manufacturer After Sales Service:
The services of our highly qualified staff are primarily being utilized on our products ‘after sales service’ as per requirements of customers.

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