Electrical insulator suspension type

Electrical insulator suspension type is used in rated voltage up to 500kV power transmission and distribution lines for supporting, suspending and insulation.

Electrical insulator suspension type            insulator suspension type

Electrical insulator suspension type:
Ball & socket type insulator, completed with the spilt cotter key.
Clevis and tongue type insulator, completed with hump type cotter key.
High and Medium voltage lines up to system voltages of 500kV
Suspension and span poles for high voltage and railway electricity networks
Types: porcelain disc suspension insulator or ceramic suspension type insulator, composite polymer suspension insulator, silicone rubber deadend insulator and long rod insulator

Transmission lines with higher system-voltage carry greater power flow. They serve the role of trunk feeder in the delivery of power. Instability in EHV and UHV line operation may cause great negative impact on the entire power system, so the quality of electrical insulator suspension type is very important. Orient suspension insulators are high-tech insulators for all weathers, and they are accepted for their dimensions, production method, standards and Use in industry-specific solutions.

Due to versatile possibilities, electrical insulator suspension type can be produced in line with customer requirements for all possible applications in accordance with specifications.

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