Electrical insulator types

Electrical insulator types can be divided into Suspension Insulators, Pin-Type Insulators, Line-Post Insulators, Spool Insulators, Strain/Guy Insulators, Station Post Insulators, Insulators for Arresters, Bushings, Cutouts, etc.

Electrical insulator types:
Suspension Insulators types: XP-40, XP-40C, XP-70, XP-70C, XP-80, XP-100, XP-120, XP-160, XP-210, XP-300, XWP-70, XWP2-100, XWP2-120, XWP-160, XWP2-210, XWP-300, XSP-70, XSP-100, XSP-160, XSP-210, XHP-70, XHP1-120, XHP-160, XMP-70, XMP-80, XMP-100, XMP-160, XMP-210, 52-1, 52-2, 52-3, 52-4, 52-5, 52-8, 52-9, 52-9b, 52-10, U40B, U70BL, U100BL, U120B, U160BL, U210B, U240B, U300B, U70BLP, U120BLP, U160BLP, U210BP, U300BP, U210BL, FXBW2-12/70CT, FXBW2-12/70SB, FXBW2-15/70CT, FXBW1-24/70EE, FXBW2-24/70CT, FXBW2-24/70EE, FXB2-33/70CT, FXBW2-33/70CE, FXB2-35/70CT, FXBW2-36/70EE

Pin-Type Insulator types: P-6, P-10T, P-15T, P-20T, PQ-10T, PQ-20, PQ-20T, 55-1, 55-2, 55-3, 55-4, 55-5, 56-1, 56-2, 56-3, 56-4, P-11-Y, P-15-Y, P-22-Y, P-33-Y, PW-11-Y, PW-22-Y, PW1-15-A, PW1-22-A, PW1-33-A, P-11-A, P-22-A, P-33-A, E80, E95, N80, N95, N95-2, B95-3, N95-4, D10K47, VHD-35-S11, SHF-10G, SHF-20G, SHF-20G2, SHF-35G, FPQ2-12/4, FPQ2-24/4, FPQ2-24/6, FPQ2-36/5

Electrical insulator types

Line-Post Insulator types: 57-1, 57-2, 57-3, 57-4, 57-5, 57-14v, 57-14H, 57-15H, 57-35, 22KV line post, pin post, Riiet 150N
Spool Insulator types: 53-1, 53-2, 53-3, 53-4, 53-5, R-8, R-6, R-1, R-2, 1617, 1618-1, 1618-2, ED-1, ED-2, ED-3, ED-4, ED-2B, ED-2C
Strain/Guy Insulator types: 54-1, 54-2, 54-3, 54-4, GY-3, GY-4, J-45, J-54, J-70, J-90
Station Post Insulator types: ZA-10Y, P-70T, P-90T, ZSX-20/10, ZSW-35/4K, TR-208, C6-125, C8-170, C10-450, C6-550, C8-750
Insulators for Arrester types: Y5W-06, Y10W-10, Y10W-12
Insulators for Bushing types: B-1/630, B-1/1250, B-1/2000, B-1/3150, BL-10/315, BL-20/315, BL-30/250, BL-35/630, BLQ1-35/630, BLQ5-40/630, BC-14, BC-26
Insulators for Cutouts: 72102, 72206, 72207, 72208, 72209, 72301

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