Electrical insulator

Electrical insulator is required at the points where they are supported by utility poles or transmission towers as insulating supports. The electrical insulator includes low, medium and high voltage insulator.

Electrical insulator              Electrical insulator

The low voltage electrical insulator: porcelain stay insulator, guy strain insulator, shackle insulator, spool insulator, reel insulator and parts of pin insulators.
The medium voltage electrical insulator: parts of pin insulators, suspension insulator, pin post insulator and line post insulator.
High voltage insulator: pin insulator, suspension insulators, station post insulator, crossarm insulator, railway insulator, hollow bushing insulator and so on.

Most of electrical insulators above can be divided into porcelain insulator and composite insulator in material. For more detailed information about insulators Dimensions, please request our current catalogue or ask for a personal consultation.

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