Electrical poles and crossarms

Electrical poles and crossarms are the important parts of power system. Poles made of composite, concrete, fiberglass, steel and wood, and crossarms are made of fiberglass, steel and wood.

Electrical poles and crossarms

Electrical poles and crossarms materials:
Poles: composite, concrete, fiberglass, steel and wood
Crossarms: fiberglass, steel and wood

Electrical poles and crossarms new material introduction:
With more and more utilities focusing on life cycle costs, attention is growing towards composite. Shakespeare Composite Structures has been in the fiberglass business since fishing became popular. Many own the Shakespeare famous "Ugly Stick" fishing rod. These guys know fiberglass and for over 40 years have been producing quality composite decorative, distribution and transmission poles. We have designed Telecommunication poles to 130ft. and installed them in one of the harshes environments (Newfoundland) in North America. These poles will install cheaper, cost less and outlast any other alternative material.

If you are looking for a few poles for a small project or a truckload we can help. In addition to composite sold treated pine poles, the poles also include Southern Yellow Pine (for the US & Caribbean), cedar poles, galvanized steel distribution and transmission, aluminum, decorative steel, concrete and composite poles. Contact Orient for More about electrical poles and crossarms.

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