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Orient Power is a UK Electrical products manufacturer throughout Europe, Africa & the Middle East and manufactures overhead line materials, power transformers, substations, cabling, accessories & low voltage equipment.

Electrical products manufacturer details:
Established in 1978, ORIENT has vast experience with a range of power distribution networks, supplying the Oil, Gas, Utility & Mining industries in the UK & Overseas.
Over 30 years of experience gives ORIENT knowledge to perform in any situation, developing solutions tailored to our customer’s requirements.
ORIENT operates by supplying complete distribution networks between 240v – 132kV. We can design your entire electrical distribution network & supply all the required materials to get your project live, whatever the size.

Electrical products

Products of Electrical products manufacturer:
We manufacture overhead line materials, power transformers, substations, cabling, accessories & low voltage equipment, for a comprehensive, fully compatible, care free installation.

At our UK offices & warehouses we hold stock of all the materials required for implementing a new distribution system. Wooden & steel poles, power transformers, overhead line hardware, termination kits and conductor, are all held in our warehouses for a quick delivery to site for emergency projects worldwide.

Small enough to care but big enough to perform, ORIENT has the capability and capacity to work on any contracts, large or small. ORIENT enables our clients to reach their customers worldwide.

Whatever the application, ORIENT’s reputation is based on engineering brilliant solutions, competitively, quickly and on time. Please visit our website to view our products and services.

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