End Fitting and Rod quality control

There have explanations cover the manufacturing processes and associated quality control for composite insulators. This is divided logically between the components and the applied processes.

End Fitting

End Fitting
The end fittings are typically supplied in large volumes; hence statistical methods are used to check the quality on a number of specimens which are considered to be representative of the supply.

The rods are manufactured with the continuous pultrusion process. This method has been perfected with the growth of the composite insulator technology and today offers highly efficient production combined with products that meet the high quality required for electrical applications.
Automated dosing systems for the resin composition and temperature control for polymerisation guarantee the continuous reproducibility of the rod properties.
A wide range of diameters is available, selected in accordance to the specification of the application.
Typical rod diameters for longrod insulators range from 14…38mm and from 38…90 mm for post insulators.

Quality is the most important in circuit supplies. Good quality will have a good future.

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