Energy Situation

Orient Power will introduce the Energy Situation from the Global warming, natural gas affection and the investment in sustainable energy business. Orient Power takes Thailand Energy Situation for instance.

Energy Situation:
Global warming or the phenomenon that the temperature of the surface of the earth is increase; leading to climate change and severe natural disasters. There are many “natural” causes of this global warming such as volcano eruption, wildfire etc. and from some scientific conclusions suggesting that one of the causes is from human. There are also some evidences proving that after the year 1980 (The industrial revolution period), the average world temperature has been significantly increasing compared to the previous decade.

And with more than half of the electricity generated for the usage in Thailand uses natural gas as the fuel which is deplete-able and has to be imported. So the fuel and electricity prices are continually rising and very sensitive to the political and economic situation. There are, hence, supporting and promoting program from the government every year to decrease the use of deplete-able resource, leading to the cut of global warming cause and electrical independence of the country. This is the Energy Situation of Thailand.

The Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE) predicts that from the year 2010 to 2011, the investment in sustainable energy business will rapidly and continually increase. And the DEDE will cooperate with government sector, private sector, and finance loan sector to help promoting and pushing the investment in depending on the Energy Situation. The Board of Investment (BOI) also considers the investment in alternative energy as one of the most important section. Because the investment cost is high and pay-back term is long, which means a single project cannot be successful without government support.

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