Glass disc insulators

Glass disc insulators are popular in transmission and distribution system. Annealed tough glass is used for insulating purpose. Glass disc insulators have advantages over conventional porcelain insulators.

Glass disc insulator

Advantages of Glass disc insulators:
It has very high dielectric strength compared to porcelain.
Its resistivity is also very high.
Glass disc insulators has low coefficient of thermal expansion.
It has higher tensile strength compared to porcelain insulator.
As it is transparent in nature, the Glass disc insulators are not heated up in sunlight as porcelain.
The impurities and air bubble can be easily detected inside the glass insulator body because of its transparency.
Glass has very long service life as because mechanical and electrical properties of glass do not be affected by aging.
After all, glass is cheaper than porcelain.

Glass disc insulators can take place the porcelain disc insulators or silicone rubber composite suspension insulators. The glass suspension insulator has the same specifications and insulator types as the porcelain disc insulators.

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