Guards include Cable, Plastic, Cable, Steel, Ground Wire Molding, Plastic, Guy, Plastic, Tapered Guy, Steel, etc. The features, pictures, materials, and other details of these guard products are shown in the following.

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Guards types:
Cable, Plastic:
Plastic U cable guards offer a strong, lightweight, maintenance-free means of cable protection.
The nonconducting, plastic guards are designed to nest over the one-piece galvanized cable guard as required by many construction standards which call for a galvanized guard at the base and a plastic guard up the balance of the pole.
The plastic guards may be cut to length in the field.
Guards are gray in color.
Material: Produced from UV stabilized, high impact resistant PVC
Plastic U cable guards may be mounted with furnished 1-1/2 inch x 10 ga. Neoprene washerhead nails or optional 1/4x 2" hex head lag screw with neoprene backed steel washer.

Cable, Steel:
Cable Guards are used to protect power and telephone cable at riser installations. They offer maximum protection to cable against collisions and vandalism.
Cable Guards are available in inexpensive strap-mounted style and use lag screws to secure the straps to the pole.
Guards without frustrum can be used as extensions to attain any desired height on the pole.
A carriage bolt assembly is furnished on style “C” to fasten extensions and to serve as a ground lead attachment.
Material: Hot Dip Galvanized

Ground Wire Molding, Plastic:
Plastic ground wire molding provides strong, reliable protection of exposed ground wire.
Available in 1/2-inch, the plastic molding features low maintenance, safety, handling ease and low cost.
Plastic ground wire molding is easily secured to the pole with available diamond point staples or square shank, barbed staples.
Material: Gray, High Impact Resistant, UV stabilized PVC

Guy, Plastic

Tapered Guy, Steel:
Full Round Guards are provided with U-bolt clamps at both ends.
The bottom fitting clamps directly to the guy rod.
A slot near the base of the guard easily engages the tongue of the fitting. Then, the swivel type top clamp is installed without removing the nuts.
Half Round Guards come with either a hook or clamp at the top.
The curved jaws of the heavy gauge steel hook tighten firmly on 1/4 to 9/16-inch strand as the guard is brought down into position.
Two holes are available in the top clamp type, the lower of which is used on short sweep guys.
Seven holes in the lower portion of both styles allow for proper positioning of the bottom clamp to the strand.
Material: Hot Dip Galvanized

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