Guy wire fitting,Earthing fitting,insulator fitting

Guy wire fitting, Earthing fitting and insulator fitting is one of important insulator fittings used on the electrical towers, poles or conductors playing different roles of electrical systems.

Guy wire fitting

Guy wire fittings: are used to connect guy wire of tower, mostly dead end tower and angle tower. Guy wire fittings can be divided into wedge clamp, guy clip, guy grip dead end clamp, stay rod, eye nut, eye bolt, linking and adjustable fitting

Earthing fitting

Earthing fittings: are used to connect with the ground to take away the electricity to the ground such as grounding clamp and grounding rod.

The types of earthing fittings have Grounding rod, Grounding clamp, Stay rod and Grounding.

insulator fitting

Insulator accessories are mainly used on the assembling with suspension insulators, pin insulators, long rod insulators, porcelain bushings and other insulators. Insulator fittings are connecting conductors and insulators.


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