HRTG insulator design

HRTG insulator design is the answer for HVDC T/L reliability. HRTG insulator is HRTG insulator, and it has a special type of glass and an adapted insulator design. Zinc collar and Zinc sleeve are available.

HRTG insulator design

HRTG insulator design:
To achieve an optimum performance in DC and to cope with 4 additional constraints, Orient developed the High Resistivity Toughened Glass (HRTG) insulator
HRTG insulator components: Pure zinc collar bonded to the cap, High Resistivity Toughened Glass shell, pure zinc sleeve bonded to the pin, Adapted glass shell design: Wide spacing between ribs

High Resistivity Toughened Glass to solve internal current effects:
Glass is an amorphous material. Its atomic structure is a basic Silica/Oxygen network in which several other oxides are added, either for processing or for achieving specific properties depending upon the final application.

In AC glass chemistry, oxides such as Sodium are used. In this case Sodium, which is not linked to the structural atomic backbone, can move under an electric field leading to ionic conductivity.

In DC, such ionic conductivity has to be inhibited.
In order to reduce ionic migration, the atomic network is modified by replacing part of the sodium ions with bigger cations or other cations having lower mobility.
The resulting glass material (HRTG) is characterized by a reduced mobility of sodium which is hindered by the addition of bigger cations.
The electrical resistivity of the glass is therefore increased by a factor of about 100, eliminating the risk of failure due to ionic migration or thermal runaway.

Additionally, Orient has developed a special manufacturing process able to produce glass shells with a very high degree of purity, and therefore having a lower impact on ionic accumulation.

AC glass chemical composition                        DC glass chemical composition

AC glass chemical composition      DC glass chemical composition

Adapted glass shell design to prevent pollution accumulation

Protection of the metal end fittings against corrosion:
Pin protection
Cap protection

Pin protection   Cap protection

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