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Orient Power is a professional hardware fitting manufacturer of electric power fittings, integrated with R & D, production and trading, located in China. Orient supplies all types of electric power fittings and hardware.

Hardware fitting manufacturer advantages:
It’s the member of China Electricity Council, State Technology Committee for Standardization of overhead line. Orient has accredited ISO9001:2000 International Quality System Certificate, “Production License Certificate of Electric Power Fittings”, “Measurement Conformity Certificate” issued by State Quality Technology Supervision Bureau, “Credit Rating AAA Certificate”, “Certificate of Approval for Enterprises with Foreign Trade Rights on the Peoples Republic of China” and “Certificate of Famous Trademark” etc.

Hardware fitting manufacturer products:
Orient business scope has been covered the design, production and supply of the electric power fittings and hardware for OHL, Substation with the voltage range of 0.4~500kV, meanwhile has been well adopted international reputable standards, such as IEC, AS, ASTM, ANSI, BS, DIN, JIS, successfully developed and produced a series of LV, MV, Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC) accessories, Pole Line fittings, OPGW fittings and 66kV, 132kV, 230kV, 400kV OHL fittings and hardware. Today our company products sell well in Europe pull Africa continents, users get the praise.

Hardware fitting

Hardware fitting manufacturer survives by quality. Studying at home and abroad to absorb the advanced technology with the process of constantly sum up, research, innovation, improvement, and gradually formed its own characteristics, suitable for the needs of customers in the world high level of electric power fittings. China's electric power is a continuation of former Soviet Union fittings technical standards and production process, and the western countries the technical standards and levels are quite different, Orient company careful study, learn from each other, fusion of two kinds of fittings technical strengths, formed its own technical advantages, in the export trade in a Chinese brand.

Recently, the CEC was established to address climate change in the power industry centers (English name: CENTER FOR CLIMATE CHANGE OF POWER INDUSTRY (CEC)), designed to adapt to China's increasingly grim situation in addressing climate change, promote low-carbon power industry and electricity companies healthy economic development, improve the CEC to address climate change, trade service capabilities and capacity for international cooperation.

The Center's main responsibilities include: under the guidance of government departments to carry out the power industry to address climate change, industry management and service, centralized management CEC system to respond to climate change-related work, to carry out the power industry to address climate change, technology, regulations, policies, research and international cooperation.

As a hardware fitting manufacturer, Orient Power can supplies suspension clamps, strain clamps, link fittings, splicing fittings, protection fittings, guy wire fittings, bus-bar support, insulated fittings, preformed helical, etc.

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