Hardware for insulator assemblies

Hardware for insulator assemblies widely used on electrical wire area, it is a kind of products which made by iron or aluminum alloy, hardware for insulator assemblies is very important in operation because it bear a huge strength and they also have to ensure the good contact on the electrical side.

Hardware for insulator assemblies

Hardware for insulator assemblies have various types, which have different functions, such as clamps used for install wire, hanging rings use for insulator string, Crimp tube, spacers and various cable fittings which used on the iron tower, all the hardware for insulator assemblies should connected together, so that exert a maximum functions.

Hardware for insulator assemblies can classified into various type, follow are some main fitting:
◆ Suspension clamp, suspension clamp used to suspended and support wire, it mainly bear vertical load, it have two materials malleable cast iron and aluminum alloy, the materials according to customers’ requirements
◆ Strain clamp, strain clamp can called tension clamp, used to fix the end of wire, it mainly bear tension strength, it have three types, bolted type strain clamp, compression type strain clamp and wedge type strain clamp
◆ Connections fitting, it have many styles, clevis & tongue, ball-eye, ball-hook, socket-clevis eye, ball-clevis, shackle, U-bolt, Yoke plate, Towing-plate, Hood and so on.

Hardware for insulator assemblies’ quality related to the stability and safety of tower and wire, even one piece Hardware for insulator assemblies broken, it will cause loss to the power system, so it is very important to use and install fitting properties.


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