High Voltage Best Quality suspension porcelain insulator

As a leader suspension insulator supplier, designer and exporter in China, Orient provides high voltage best quality suspension porcelain insulator.

High voltage best quality suspension porcelain insulator is made up of ceramic, iron cap and insulator pin. Sometimes we call it ceramic suspension insulator. In North America porcelain suspension insulator was always the predominate material for communication insulators and has become the standard for power distribution due to its greater strength and surface resistance. Suspension porcelain insulator value is revealed.

 suspension porcelain insulator

Compared with glass and composite suspension insulator, suspension porcelain insulator has longer life than both two type suspension insulators. Porcelain suspension insulator popularly used on transmission and distribution power line in South Africa.

High Voltage Best Quality suspension porcelain insulator test:
In a first step, calculations were loaded by rated tensile force for both tube types. Second, they are usually carried out on a small number of suspension insulators and only once for a new design or manufacturing process of insulator and then subsequently repeated only when the design or manufacturing process is change. This way is also called sample test.

Orient has ISO and CRCC certificate, and produces insulator in accordance of international standard. High voltage best quality suspension porcelain insulator can be supplied by us and will become your better choices.

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