High voltage bushings

High voltage bushings can make application for Outdoor transformer bushing.

High voltage bushings

High voltage bushings correlation description and general specifications:
Outdoor transformer bushing DIN 42532
UNEL 38159/74 rated current 630A Bushing EN 50180
Bushings 10-20-30-52/1000-2000-3150
Outdoor transformer bushing 12-24-36 kV, rated current 4500 A
Outdoor transformer bushing type 20/6300
Complete bushing 24-36 kV 5000-8000 A , EN 50243
Bushing 36 kV 12500 A DIN 4237
Complete Bushing 72,5 / 125 kv 12500 / 2500 A , DIN 42532
Flag Connectors

Surface treatment of active metallic parts, Unless by special request, all active metallic parts in brass and copper have self color surfaces.

Upon request, particularly for use in highly polluted environment conditions or in tropical climate, above parts can be supplied with electrolytic tinplated surfaces with 6-8 micron average coating thickness.

High voltage bushings DIN 42532 and UNEL 38159/74 rated cur- rent 630A.


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