High voltage insulator critical flash

High voltage insulator critical flash is normal in life. The critical flashover CFO of an insulation structure is commonly used to describe the insulation structure lightening impulse strength.


In this work, first CFO of polymer and porcelain each alone was measured and then, a new structural arrangement is represented to measure (CFO). This arrangements consists of three layers; fiberglass is placed between two layers of polymer and porcelain .All insulation materials are examined in dry and wet condition with positive and negative lightening impulse under (15,25 and 35) KV. The critical flashover voltage (CFO) of insulator is distributed on certain surface along with fiberglass distribution poles as an insulator. Also altitude of poles is taken into consideration in calculating critical flashover voltage for both insulator and structure. (CFO) voltages are added from fiberglass distribution pole to basic insulation component and are calculated based on the test result of the (CFO).

The above measurements indicated that the total CFO voltage of new arrangements insulator under dry condition is much higher than under wet condition for the same impulse polarity and tested pole length.


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