High voltage pin type insulator

 High voltage pin type insulator is used as suspension insulator for a transformer drop wire at voltage of 33kV or lower on a transformer pole under a high voltage distribution lines.

High voltage pin type insulator

The usage of High voltage pin type insulator
◆ Side pin mounting bracket
◆ High voltage cutout suspension arm

The structure and material of High voltage pin type insulator
◆ The standard shape and dimensions are shown in the attached figure. The tolerances of dimensions are specified in the attached figure. For a point to which no tolerance is indicated, use the value on the figure as the standard and its dimension must be in a range where the product can be used without a hitch
◆ The main body of this product must be made of porcelain. The porcelain must be produced without any flaws that may constitute an obstacle to the use of this product. Apply a white glaze uniformly over the surface

High voltage pin type insulator consists of porcelain units and metal fittings used on distribution power lines for supporting and insulating.

High voltage pin type insulator is usually designed in rated voltage 11kv, 22kv and 33kv; mechanical strength 2kn, 4kn, 6kn, 8kn, 10kn, 12.5kn and 16kn.


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