Hollow bushings

Hollow bushings have widely application in the power plant and variable distribution equipment. Hollow bushings are used in support and fixation of the current-carrying conductor.

Hollow bushings can make the current-carrying conductor insulate from the ground. Hollow bushings also can make the current-carrying conductor insulate from the current-carrying conductor.

According to the material hollow bushings can be divided into porcelain hollow bushing and composite hollow bushing.

Compared with porcelain hollow bushings, there are many benefits of composite hollow bushings: Composite hollow bushings have a better anti-aging performance. Composite hollow bushings are much easy to install and transport. And composite hollow bushings weight is lighter.

Hollow bushings

Hollow bushingsHollow bushings

Hollow bushings can be used in multiple places, such as: The circuit breaker, Capacitor, Lightning protection products and the Substation.

Hollow bushings can be used with one or more. Hollow bushings are one kind of insulator that can separates conductor. Hollow bushings have insulation effect.

The voltage range of hollow bushings is: 1kv to 1100kv. The color of hollow bushings is: Brown, white, grey and gray.

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