Horizontal line post insulators

Horizontal line post insulators are one of line post insulators installed in horizontal direction on the transmission and distribution power lines in accordance with international specifications.

Horizontal line post insulators

According to insulator materials, Horizontal line post insulators can be divided into
◆ Porcelain insulator: made of C130 ceramic
◆ Polymer insulator: made of silicone rubber
◆ Glass insulator: made of tempered glass
◆ Plastic insulator: made of polymeric materials

According to insulator specifications, Horizontal line post insulators end fittings
◆ Top is clamp top
◆ The bottom is trunnion type and others

According to ANSI insulator standards, Horizontal line post insulators have
◆ ANSI 57-21, ANSI 57-22, ANSI 57-23, ANSI 57-24, ANSI 57-25
◆ ANSI 57-31, ANSI 57-32, ANSI 57-33, ANSI 57-34, ANSI 57-35

Except ANSI line post insulator, we also produce other standards line post insulator, such as IEC, AS, BS and JIN insulators. As one of insulator manufacturer in China, we also manufacturer Horizontal line post insulators in the light of customers’ drawings.


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