Hybrid insulators

Hybrid insulators combine the best features of ceramics and polymers. A ceramic core provides high mechanical strength and rigidity while a hydrophobic polymeric housing offers considerable weight reduction and superior electrical performance.

Raybowl insulators installed in a high polluted area in Latin America.    Working conditions of Raybowl insulators

Available products include line post insulators for system voltages up to 25 kV, station post insulators for system voltages up to 115 kV and railway catenary insulators for 15/25 kV lines. Designed especially for highly polluted areas, an insulator with a highly protected creepage polymeric housing has been developed. Its protected creepage design prevents both the deposition of contaminants and the complete wetting of the surface. Reduced leakage currents lead to a reduced flashover probability and therefore to significant energy savings. Compared to an equivalent porcelain insulator the hybrid insulator has a reduced weight and is less prone to vandalism.

The high strength porcelain core and the cemented end fittings have the mechanical strength and reliability of an equivalent porcelain insulator.


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