Improving Performance of Composite insulator through new technologies


The field of materials science of composite insulator has been developing rapidly in recent years and such progress can only accelerate. Indeed, certain manufacturers and institutes are already working actively to apply this to composite insulators. One example of such research relates to self-cleaning and super hydrophobic properties. Comparison of a normal SR surface (i.e. static contact angle of 108°) with a super hydrophobic SR surface (i.e. static contact angle of 151°) has been made at Tsinghua University. In the former case, a water droplet remains steady on the tilted SR surface, while in the latter case the water droplet falls away immediately—even at a sliding angle of only 5°. This would be a very attractive property for composite insulators. Therefore the direction of future product development may be production of large-area, long-lasting super hydrophobic surfaces.

There will also be other ways to improve performance of composite insulator in the future by applying nano-fillers or by modifying existing fillers. These may provide solutions in areas such as: improving sheds and sheaths of composite insulators; improving FRP rods by replacing fibers and matrix materials; improving the interface between sheath and rod by using new coupling agents or new treatment methods; and even self-diagnostic or self-healing materials.

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