Insulation consideration

Insulation consideration is the most important step in the production of insulator. The insulation of the insulator performance is directly related to the safety of the transmission and distribution lines.


Insulation consideration is must. There are basically three factors to consider when designing the insulators.
• The 60-Hz power voltage.
• Surge voltages caused by lightning.
• Surge voltage caused by switching.
Surge voltages provide the most stringent test and the rationale for the standard impulse voltage wave form; that is, if the insulator is properly insulated to withstand surges, it can usually accommodate the highest expected 60 Hz voltage. Insulators are more tolerant of short-duration overvoltage than sustained values. For the purpose of impulse testing, a standard waveform is defined. The waveform is referred to as T1 X T2, where both values are conventionally given in microseconds. The crest value of the waveform V. The value T1 is the rise time to crest, whereas the value T2 is the fall time to 0.5 V.

When we make insulator, the consideration of insulation consideration can make the insulator work well.


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