Insulator Technology and equipment

Insulator Technology and equipment is the main factors for insulator manufacturer, such as Horizontal vacuum pug mill of Germany SAMA, Bending strength tester of Germany SAMA, 15 tons ball mill, etc.

insulator group company limited main products for porcelain insulators and composite insulators, porcelain insulators has a few hundred years of production history, experience has repeatedly technology and innovation, its technology equipment in the currently domestic is the most advanced, has 80M tunnel kiln a block, 180 cubic drawer kiln three block, 130 cubic drawer kiln a block, automatically forming line two article, automatically assembly line two article, less air drying Manager 9 block, 15 tons ball mill 9 Taiwan, electric checked line two article ,etc. Advanced of technology equipment, especially Air dryer in the domestic industry took the lead in using.
In 1984 year we had cooperation with QINGHUA University and developed composite insulator, we improvement them nearly 30 years, our company invest two hundred million to built a 60000 square composite insulator production base and bought many advanced production and testing equipments. Now there are many technological equipments, for example vacuum kneading machines, pressure kneading machine, injection machine, open silicone rubber back-mixed machine, precision pre-former, rubber filter, flat vulcanization machine, crimping machine, assemble umbrella machine, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, material testing machine and so on.

Insulator Technology and equipment:
Horizontal vacuum pug mill of Germany SAMA
Electrotechnical porcelain CNC cylindrical profiling machine of Germany SAMA
Bending strength tester of Germany SAMA
Casing CNC fettling machine
15 tons ball mill
Automatic forming production line
Vacuum pug mill
80m high speed nozzle tunnel kiln
Bending resistance test
Injection molded machinery

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