Insulator cleaning

Insulator cleaning is important for insulator. The hydrophobicity is a value-added property of composite insulator with Silicone Rubber housing. This unique keeps the water-repellent properties in service.

Insulator cleaning

This property includes recovery after exposure to moisture and the transfer of hydrophobic properties into a pollution layer by the diffusion of low molecular weight polymer chains from the bulk material.. As a result, cleaning is generally not necessary.
Very seldom, there are cases of special pollution, which might require the housing to be cleaned. Such reported cases are extreme axial pollution by large birds or mould growth. Mould growth is often attributed to inappropriate storage in a non- ventilated atmosphere leading to condensation on the housing. Acetone, Toluol, Trichlorethylene or Isopropanol are typical solvents for cleaning. The cleaning agent should be applied to a lint-free cloth with which the surface of the insulator should be wiped.

When cleaning should pay attention:
Cleaning agents should be used in well-ventilated areas and should not be inhaled.
Avoid contact with the skin
In the case of volatile fluids, do not use naked flames.
Data sheets and national Laws must be followed.


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