Insulator components

 Insulator components can maintain the normal work of the insulator. Insulator components are usually divided into two broad categories: Mold in place (MIP) components and Heatshrinkable shedded components.


Mold in place (MIP) components
Mold in Place components are available for various diameters of fiberglass rod depending on the mechanical requirement of the final product. They can be used for insulators or insulating systems up to system voltages of 52 kV.

Heatshrinkable shedded components
Heatshrinkable shedded components can be used to protect a variety of inner substrates against the adverse conditions of an outdoor environment. They are available in a number of sizes and shed configurations, allowing creepage and arcing distances to be tailored to customer requirements. The components are internally coated with track resistant sealant which flows during heat recovery to prevent the formation of air voids and to produce a moisture barrier to protect the underlying substrates. Typically they are used for surge arresters, bushings and insulators with either ceramic or non-ceramic cores.
Insulator components play an important role in transmission and distribution system.

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