Insulator design

Insulator design is the most important step in the production of insulator. Elastomeric weathersheds in first generation insulators are individually molded and glued to the core and to each other by an epoxy adhesive.

insulator design

In some insulator designs, silicone gel or silicone caulking sealant is applied. In other designs, silicone gel or grease is used to fill the air space between the sheds and the core. Although epoxy glue provides some measure of protection against water entry, there is some uncertainty in the lifetime of such a seal. Insulators constructed from individual sheds are known to permit water reaching the core and have failed during hot line high-pressure water washing.
Most of the insulators are molded from either EPDM or silicone elastomers, in one-piece having an aerodynamic design, that is fully vulcanized to the core. The insulators are terminated with end fittings that are swaged onto the core sealing the insulator from moisture reaching the core. Some designs or end fittings of the insulators are equipped with power arc interceptors.

These serve of insulator design to protect against loss of seal during flashover. Aluminum end fittings of a unique design are swaged onto the core there by effectively sealing the sleeved ends from moisture.


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