Insulator handle

Despite of the overall advantages of composite insulators, they are not indestructible. On their way from the manufacturer to the final position require a certain amount of care to be taken, insulator handle is important.

Insulator handle   Insulator handle

Damage or a penetration of the housing would reduce the creepage distance or expose the rod. Both can reduce the insulation behaviour or the lifetime of the insulator. Such situations can occur when knives are used to unwrap insulators or nails are exposed in the wooden packing box.
Insulators should be transported in their original crate with the lid in place. When the insulators are removed from the box, they must never be transported loosely or with other material on top.
The unidirectional reinforcing glass fibres in the rod provide the excellent axial tensile strength. This reinforcement is not designed for torsion. For this reason, no torsional or bending load must be applied to longrod insulators.

Climbing along, sitting or crawling on insulator sets is not permitted.
Although the mechanical strength of the rod inside the insulator could easily bear a man’s weight, it is prohibited to do so to prevent damage to the housing. Aluminium ladders are often used as an alternative.
When ropes are used to lift the insulator, the ropes should not be thrown over the housing, but must instead be fixed on the end fittings. 

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