Insulator housing

 Insulator housing is a kind of special material wrapped in mandrel appearance. Insulator housing is a kind of composite materials. Insulator housing is also a kind of protection materials.

Insulator housing

The electrical purpose of an insulator is the insulation of the high voltage potential to ground or between two phases against an external flashover. Simplified, a flashover event can be caused by an overvoltage or by pollution.

With the invention of polymeric insulators, many different materials have been tried and tested in respect to their outdoor service performance. The experience has shown that there exists a close interaction between sole material properties and the overall design of an insulator.
A survey conducted by CIGRE Working Group b2.03 and published in the year 2000 has shown that the majority of composite insulator applications use Silicone Rubber as housing material. EPDM and others play a less important role.

Meanwhile, the striking distance determines the behavior during an overvoltage, the shape (geometry) of the insulator and wetting behavior of the insulator surface become the dominating factors for the pollution performance.

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