Insulator mechanical property

Insulator mechanical property is an important part for electrical insulators applications, because of the insulators shall withstand the mechanical stresses including insulators and conductors weight or wind resistance.

Insulator mechanical property

The main mechanical strength has
Tensile strength is the amount of stress that the insulator will withstand when pressure is applied pulling straight up on the end fittings in the insert.

Cantilever strength is the amount of weight an insulator will support when something is hung on an insulator that is mounted on the wall.

Compression strength is the amount of weight an insulator will support in a direct vertical application of pressure.

Except insulator mechanical property, insulator electrical performance is also important. Dielectric strength is another term for insulating properties.

Arc resistance is expressed as the number of seconds that a material resists the formation of a surface-conducting path when subjected to an intermittently occurring arc of high voltage low-current characteristics.

Creepage distance is the distance from potential to ground measured along a ceramic insulator’s surface path.


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