Insulator product testing

Applicable product standards such as IEC 61109 require sample and routine testing for the product lots. For insulator product testing, a typical range of 50 – 80 % of SML is established.

Insulator product testing

For tensile testing, people uses fully automated machine, the results are digitally recorded and saved for a long time.
In addition to the standard test requirements, the following tests are carried out strictly according to internal work processes: Ultimate tensile testing for transition of batches of end fittings or rods, Adhesion testing, Interface testing by boiling and Visual hydrophobicity check
These additional routine tests guarantee the required quality for a bulk volume manufacturing.

In some cases, such as for life line work and corresponding insulator replacement under service voltage or for life-line sticks, an electrical routine test might be required.
Typically, this test is performed at line-to-ground or elevated line-to ground voltage and evaluates the insulators for hidden electrical defects.
Insulator product test is a must. Insulator product test can protect the safety of the power.


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