Insulator rod

The glass fibre reinforced resin insulator rod is an important compo-nent of a composite insulator. The rod is typically produced in a continuous pultrusion process.

Insulator rod

Different diameters are available depending on the application.
The content of fibres determines the specific intrinsic tensile and bending strength of the rods.
The glass sizing is important for the bond to the resin matrix. The resin matrix itself must be “electrically graded”, character-ized by low moisture absorption and by negligible change of electrical and mechanical properties. The resin elongation must be balanced with the glass elongation to prevent cracks and fractures when being subjected to loadings. Typically,
Epoxy-based resins are used today.

Fillers are used for different purposes, which gives the rod a transparent or opaque appearance. When the raw materials are carefully checked, process parameters are accurately selected and routine checks are determined using statistics, both types of rod offer excellent and reliable performance.

Good insulator rod can have a better effect, please according to actual condition to select the correct insulator rod.


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