Insulator test


Tracking of insulator test - Tracking is an irreversible deterioration by the formation of paths starting and developing on the surface of an insulating material. These paths are conductive even under dry condition.
Tracking can occur on surface in contact with air and also on the interfaces between different insulating materials.
Treeing of insulator test - Treeing is the formation of micro-channels within the material. The micro-channels can be either conducting or non-conducting and can progress through the bulk of the material until electrical failure occurs.
Erosion of insulator test - Erosion is an irreversible and non-conducting deterioration of the surface of the insulator that occurs by loss of material. This can be uniform, localized or tree-shaped.
Chalking of insulator test - Chalking is a surface condition where in some particles of the filler become apparent during weathering, forming a powdery surface.
Crazing of insulator test - Crazing is the formation of surface micro-fractures of depths up to 0.1 mm.
Cracking of insulator test - Cracking is any surface fracture of a depth greater than 0.1mm.
Hydrolysis of insulator test - Hydrolysis is a chemical process involving the reaction of a material with water in liquid or vapor form. It can lead to electrical or mechanical degradation.
Puncture of insulator test - Puncture can be characterized by a disruptive discharge occurring through a solid dielectric (e.g., shed, housing, or core) causing permanent loss of dielectric strength.
Specified Mechanical Load (S.M.L) of insulator test - The S.M.L. is a load specified by the manufacturing, used for mechanical tests in this specification. It forms the basis of the selection of composite insulators.
Tensile Load of insulator test - Tensile load is the load applied in-line with the longitudinal axis of the insulator rod and away from the end metal fitting.

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