Insulator testing

Insulator testing includes ultrasonic tests and Moment tests. This ultrasonic test is an integral part of our in-plant quality control system. The following is the details of insulator testing and notices.

Insulator testing of Ultrasonic tests:
Orient Power checks each and every porcelain core. An ultrasonic pulse is sent through the column of porcelain. If an internal defect is found in the insulator, it is rejected. This test is an integral part of our in-plant quality control system.

power frequency withstand voltage testing

Moment tests of Insulator testing:
Orient Power also maintains constant moment testing on each and every assembled station post porcelain insulator. This test loads both caps....both cement joints....and, the entire column of porcelain, to a uniform bending moment. The moment is applied in each of the four quadrants, 90 degrees apart; at a load of 50% of the ultimate cantilever rating of the unit.

The maximum recommended working load is 40% of rating: Orient Power tests are 25% OVER the maximum recommended working load.

Moment tests of Insulator testing:
Line post porcelain insulators are Orient Power tested in a special four quadrant cantilever test at 50% of rating. The tests are conducted at 25% ABOVE the maximum recommended working load on all insulators....BEFORE they are shipped!
Orient Power Tests for Porcelain Product Performance before Product Shipment

Orient Power tests products at each and every stage of production operations: Beginning with raw material tests....ultrasonic....moment testing....cantilever testing....and, finally, the insulators are sampled and the samples are tested to destruction! The people of Orient Power are dedicated to quality and product performance! The Insulator testing is very important.

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