Insulator type

There are many insulator types in life. We can see in many places, and they usually have a lot of use in transmission and distribution system. Insulators always play the role of insulation and support.

suspension insulator

Following are the commonly used insulator types:
Dead-End/Suspension Insulator: The dead-end/suspension insulator horizontally supports the line conductor. Whereas suspension insulator vertically supports the line conductor (See the picture). Both are subjected to tensile and torsional loads.
Line Post/Station Post Insulator: The Line Post/Station Post Insulator horizontally or vertically supports the line conductor. It is subjected to tensile, cantilever and compressive loads
Guy Strain Insulator: The guy strain insulator insulates or isolates the guy wire for corrosion protection, higher insulation level, clearances for maintenance or normal operation, or safety to the public or others (joint-use). It is subjected to tensile and tortional loads.

There are many insulator types which is not common type. They are used in special places, and have a special role. 

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