Insulator types

Transmission and distribution system leak overhead line of the by chance current can not flow, so that the line from the Earth, the Insulator is used for the line. Insulators play an important role in system operation.

Insulators play a role of insulation and support in the power system.


Transmission line insulators are devices used to contain, separate or support electrical conductors on high voltage electricity supply networks. Transmission insulators come in various shapes and types, including individual or strings of disks, line posts or long rods. They are made of polymers, glass and porcelain--each with different densities, tensile strengths and performing properties in adverse conditions.

There are several types of insulators but the most commonly used are pin type, suspension type, strain insulator and shackle insulator.

The usage of insulator is to support wires and prevent the current back to the ground in overhead transmission and distribution line. The application of insulator in different occasions is different. The function of insulator is insulation and supporting.

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